Airport Transportation in Parramatta


Point to Point Pickup and Parcel Delivery in the Parramatta Area

Taxi and Airport Transportation in the Parramatta Area

Parcel Delivery

An easy alternative to couriers

Often quicker and of equitable cost to the services offered by courier companies.

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Sightseeing Tours

Get a custom tour of a location

Our experienced drivers can compile a tour of any duration at an hourly rate that is less than that of a hire car.

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Lost Property

Retrieve items lost in our taxis

Customer's personal belongings ranging from mobile phones to luggage are frequently left behind in our taxis.

If you booked your taxi-cab by phone, simply call Silver Top and we will locate the vehicle, driver and details about your booking.

The details of your trip will also be included in the receipt.

By regulation, if a taxi driver finds lost property in the taxi, they must, if the property is not claimed, promptly deliver the lost property to Victoria Police.

In Sydney most lost property is delivered to:

27-33 Woodville Rd
Granville NSW 2142

02 8868 4333

02 8868 4377

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In outer suburban and regional areas lost property is taken to the local police station.

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Special Services

Our specialist team can handle anything

Silver Top have a specialist team dedicated to helping regular users with any booking that is considered out of the ordinary. Call us on 02 8868 4322

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